Composition Thinking

D&AD, Design Competition, Development, Sketchbook, Visual Research

Drawing Out my Initial Poster Ideas

Before working with images directly from my sketchbook, I scribbled three possible composition ideas as a guide so I didn’t feel like I was just making it up as I was going along and that creating a more developed mock up in Adobe Composition would be less time consuming. The process of doing this was helpful in getting me to visualise how my idea would fit to the final poster format, which isn’t something I had really considered in great detail beforehand.



Idea 1

My first idea simply took three spreads from my sketchbook and made them fit to the poster specification. For this reason I quickly discarded it because it looked underdeveloped and didn’t really seem inspiring and vibrant which these poster need to be if aiming to motivate and inspire new illustration students to be explorers. Vibrant and fun posters demonstrate the fun in being an explorer of your craft which is what I want to demonstrate.





Idea 2

My second tried to push the concept of process by involving other elements that are important for being an explorer that go beyond creating the idea and experimentation, but the tools needed to do so. One of the most important things I’ve learnt at university is always being prepared to create and learn and being equipped allows you to do so. Thus my idea for the second set of posters worked through the stages of tools needed, that then allow you to document and test, followed by creating an outcome.

Despite feeling like I was beginning to start to think about the narrative across my poster set, I still felt as though I wasn’t communicating in the fun and energetic way I intended. I also felt I was disrupting the continuity of the poster aesthetic, going from photography and then drawing which made the poster set look random and unrelated. So I decided to not go any further with this idea, knowing I needed to simplify my methods of communication.





Idea 3

With all these ideas in mind, I came up with three simple compositions based on how I saw myself working with my sketchbook pages. Because the images in my sketchbook are mostly ink drawings, the colours are especially vivid so I knew I would want these to be full bleed posters, allowing the image to speak for itself. Also, unlike my other ideas, I decided the inclusion of text on the posters would be helpful in prompting understanding of what the image is saying to the viewer.

Thus, Examine will sit on an image of my sketchbook notes to demonstrate the importance of recording observations and research, Experiment will encourage the notion of testing materials and processes, all leading to Execute which demonstrates how these ideas feed into the final process of completing a final outcome. The narrative is much clearer with the text which is why this idea was the best one to go forward with. I just need to ensure I select images to work with that are relevant to each other and show development.



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