Personal Process

D&AD, Design Competition, Development, Sketchbook, Visual Research

Working with Imagery from My Own Creative Process

Looking at the ways in which other sketchbooks are presented made me think about how best to present my own creative exploration/ process; in terms of the illustration of different materials in many of the publications I looked at, as well as the inclusion of rough sketchbook notes – which is appealing because they feel authentically created. Although something that stood out to me was how all the images within the publications were related, either by the same artist or the continuation of a theme or style. This pushed me to realise I had to decide and select one sketchbook to work from, and one alone, so that the set of posters I end up creating are in fact linked, in theme or style – showing clear development and process of an idea.

Given that many of my sketchbooks for the other projects I’ve worked on include images or artist inspiration that is not my work, I found it easier to work from my initial F.M.P sketchbook because it contained more of my own sketches, observations, and experimentations. I saw this decision as making it easier for myself to sift through my images in order to put together a set of linked posters as well as being the most raw form of my visual thinking.





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