Nature Walk

Final Major Project, Projects, Visual Research

Cropping My Observations

After visiting the Grant Museum and observing the microscopic slides, I knew I wanted my collection of nature from the city to be reminiscent of the specimens I saw. To echo this, I thought about the ways in which I could emulate the look of the microscopic slides by cropping my observations whilst walking, using a circle. I thus decided to use a fish eye lens and set out capturing nature in the city as it cropped my sights, walking around Clapham.








Although, creating these fish eye images of nature on my walk felt too much like my previous exploration of nature spaces to create nature worlds which isn’t the way specimens work. Looking at the microscopic slides at the Grant Museum, individual objects are presenting – making me think I need to look closer at individual natural forms, rather than trying to show nature environments. This is important to portray nature as a curiosity as looking closely allows us to see how strange and unusual things are because we notice things we would normally overlook.



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