Urban Microscopy

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The City Meets Its Nature

Realising I had my specimens of nature from the city, I saw that they lacked context of the urban environment which is what I specified in my brief. Thus I thought to go about collecting sounds of the surrounding space,  which is vibrant and bustling with the life of the city’s inhabitants.

Using my collected audio, I was able to combine snippets with footage taken under the digital microscope, of my pressed plant specimens. I think it’s successful in making you experience how I encounter much of the nature in London, filtered through all the surrounding city sounds. In some way, it reminds me of Codex Seraphinianus that is an encyclopaedia made up of many unusual and non-deciphered illustrations and text – in the way you can’t really identify what you’re experiencing because things don’t make sense or have been reconfigured in some way.


Bizarre illustrations from Codex Seraphinianus




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