The Shadows

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Searching For The Beautifully Mundane

Brief and Initial Thoughts

First reading this brief was basically my idea of a nightmare as I find photography a bit of challenge due to my lack of engagement with it but I decided to do my best and


Papercut Window Displays

Creative Industry Practice, Development, Projects, Visual Research

As my idea for my Duke of Uke window display had been made out of paper until now, I thought that paper cut as a technique could be the final method of production I use if making the actual display

Refining My Idea: Dreams and Obsessions

Creative Industry Practice, Development, Projects, Sketchbook, Visual Research

After watching Vanilla Sky I felt that I lacked direction with this Beyond Limits brief so I decided to do a more detailed investigation into dreams as a subject. I found out various different avenues some of which explained that dreams are a window into our subconscious – whereby our minds produce a series of thoughts, images and sensations within the mind.

Vanilla Sky Review: Lucid Dreams

Creative Industry Practice, Development, Projects, Visual Research

As I want to focus my Beyond Limits project on dreams, I thought I would watch one of my favourite films; Vanilla Sky. The film is layered with multiple narratives and blurring of fantasy and reality. To watch the film makes you feel as though you are in a dream yourself, with its non linear narrative

Beyond Limits: Project Decisions

Creative Industry Practice, Projects, Visual Research

The new brief for Creative Industry Practice is called Beyond Limits. It is an exciting project that enables us to think beyond and be imaginative in order to think of ways to extend/enhance the body. The outline within is very structured and permits us to pick a word for PURPOSE (for which I chose Reveal), MOOD (I selected surrealistic) and a way to IMPLEMENT (for which I decided on an art project). Brain storming all of these words made me think of personal things I am interested in thus making me think about

Duke of Uke Interim Feedback

Creative Industry Practice, Development, Projects, Visual Research

After presenting my cut out book idea to Duke of Uke, despite being nervous because I didn’t feel as though I had fully developed my idea, but I went ahead and presented my idea and its relevance to the key themes and ideas of Duke of Uke and how I initially looked at the idea of the Cabinet of Curiosity and the theme of travel.

Paper Cut Book

Creative Industry Practice, Development, Sketchbook

After designing the Duke of Uke celebratory stamps, I tried to think of a way to implement the stamps and no matter how I thought of them being used, they just didn’t fit into the shop window display application that I had in mind.

Duke Of Uke development

Creative Industry Practice, Development, Visual Research

For as long as I’ve had this brief, and researched Duke of Uke, the history of the ukulele, and music I’ve had no clue where to start… until now! I had so many ideas and no ideas all at the same time and realised I had primarily fixated heavily on what I wanted the final outcome to be (visuals for the Duke of Uke instagram) rather than thinking about the idea itself first and foremost, since it is much easier to then apply and adapt an idea to any outcome once you have it