Poster Printing

Design Competition, Visual Research, Work Placement

Riso Test Printing PRICK Poster proposal

Having come up with some designs for the greetings cards, I went about trying to develop the cards and see if there was a way I could prep paper and a format to create greetings cards from one sheet of paper – meaning folding down a sheet of A3 into A5 or A6 cards. Because Gynelle and I had discussed riso printing greetings cards I went on a hunt in Shepherds to try and find suitable paper for printing my cards onto. But since the thickest paper that can go through the riso is 250 gsm and my visit to Shepherds just meant I found paper that wasn’t thick enough or card stock that was too thick I thought to push the drawings into riso posters instead, as a proposal of the kinds of posters that could be sold in the shop.


Cacti Cards

Design Competition, Visual Research, Work Placement

Ideas for PRICK’s Greetings Cards

After getting to grips with the social media posting, promoting cacti and succulent illustration, I moved onto my next task which was designing greetings cards for PRICK. I had initially showed Gynelle some illustrations in my sketchbook so she had an idea as to what I had in mind for the greetings cards – which helped me communicate my thinking with her so that her ideas came from what I presented to her.

Plant Posts

Design Competition, Visual Research, Work Placement

Social Media Posting for PRICK

Following my research on artists and illustrators, I felt confident enough to start posting once a week. I found that doing research prior to posting made it easier to post content that was in line with the brand and the other things shared on PRICK’s page – cacti and succulent news or images from the shop. I also felt as though writing a small summary was my opportunity to draw people into the work and draw attention to PRICK’s page but also to promote artists work and intrigue into cacti and succulents. It was important when posting work that belonged to other artists, to make sure credit was given thus I made sure to add a link to either social media where more work could be seen or a portfolio.

Cacti Artwork

Design Competition, Visual Research, Work Placement

Researching for Social Media Posts

One of the main tasks I’ve been set interning at PRICK, has been the responsibility of posting about illustrators who depict plants. I asked Gynelle what she had in mind for the posts, in terms of their content and she just suggested I included 2-3 cacti specific artwork images and a small description about the artist or artwork.

Shop Observation

Design Competition, Visual Research, Work Placement

Spending the Day at PRICK

Today I got to hang out at PRICK and see what it’s like to sit in whilst customers come in and out with a number of queries. It was also a chance for me to catch up Gynelle so she could find out what I gained from last week’s visit to the RHS Library but so that we could draft and itinerary of tasks I can work on whilst fulfilling my placement.

PRICK Placement

Design Competition, Visits, Visual Research, Work Placement

Interning with Cacti and Succulents at PRICK

When thinking about where to intern to cover the 60 hours necessary for the Design Competition module, I decided it would be best for me to be somewhere I can fully engage on a level that’s interesting to me, perhaps thinking beyond Illustration and graphic design alone. So after my visit to the RHS Urban Garden Show, I approached Gynelle Leon, owner of cacti and succulent shop, PRICK, having met her at the event. And she was more than happy to let me intern