Hothouse Talk: Craig Oldham

Hothouse Talks, Visual Research

A Great “Fucking” Talk

The Hothouse talks are a bit hit and miss with me and I tend to only ever get around to blogging about the ones I enjoy because they are the most memorable. Last Friday’s talk with Craig Oldham was very memorable not just because of his overuse of the word “Fuck” but because he took an interesting approach to how he talked to us, not by showing many of his different projects but just one, one that was very personal to him.

Hothouse Talk: LAKWENA

Hothouse Talks, Visual Research

Many of the hothouse talks I end up going to, I don’t blog about. Purely because nothing said in them is particularly memorable or resonates with me in any way so I just forget to do it. However this week’s talk was with Lakwena and it was by far my favourite talk