Urban Microscopy

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The City Meets Its Nature

Realising I had my specimens of nature from the city, I saw that they lacked context of the urban environment which is what I specified in my brief. Thus I thought to go about collecting sounds of the surrounding space,  which is vibrant and bustling with the life of the city’s inhabitants.


Botanical Photograms

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Cyanotype Experiments with My Collected Plants

After putting my pressed plants under a microscope, I realised that I needed to gain a better understanding of how specimens are presented as such, especially after my visits to the Grant Museum and Natural History Museum, seeing how they’re placed in jars and labelled – the best way to do this by putting my collection through a range of different processes. Beginning with photograms.

Sinister Microscopy

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An Alternative View of Nature

Deciding to look much closer at nature on my walks, I took it upon myself to start collecting. In the same way old botanists used to collect plants in order to study and classify them. I used my flower press to preserve them, which I thought would allow me to press them and observe their shapes, patterns and textures – maybe even drawing from the collection.

Nature Walk

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Cropping My Observations

After visiting the Grant Museum and observing the microscopic slides, I knew I wanted my collection of nature from the city to be reminiscent of the specimens I saw. To echo this, I thought about the ways in which I could emulate the look of the microscopic slides by cropping my observations whilst walking, using a circle. I thus decided to use a fish eye lens and set out capturing nature in the city as it cropped my sights, walking around Clapham.

Collection Research

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Visit to the Grant Museum of Zoology

After deciding to look at nature as curiosity within the city as a reflection of my obsession, I felt it necessary to look at ways collections are presented to us. Especially specimens of nature. It was thus recommended I visit the Grant Museum of Zoology as a place that is a very good example of displaying such collections.

FMP Review

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Reworking my FMP focus

After writing my own brief for my FMP, to reimagine London as a new place, and working observationally based on visits to Kew Gardens and the Barbican Conservatory, I felt like I got myself into a situation where I was pointlessly mark making and the illustrations themselves, even just in my sketchbook weren’t helping me develop my initial thinking. I put this down to the fact I had been exploring nature spaces and drawing that’s somehow made me feel like I’m being slightly closed minded.

Riso At Hato 

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My Experience at a Hato Press Workshop

I love having access to the Riso printer for the sake of current projects but at uni, colours are limited. So I took it upon myself to book a two colour Riso print workshop at Hato Press where I had access to print with a range of colours, including fluorescent ones, as opposed to the limitation of five.

Indoor Nature

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Nature Drawing Session at the Barbican Conservatory

As today is a Sunday, and therefore the only day of the week the Barbican Conservatory is open, I decided to go along and practice my observational drawing as well as documenting the nature space as inspiration for my FMP.

Scientific Thinking

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Planning My Final Major Project

I’ve long since had an obsession with natural forms, most specifically plants just because of how strange and unusual they are. It is from this I decided almost straight away to use my final major project as an opportunity to explore my fascination with nature in this way

Plant Shopping

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Visiting the RHS Urban Garden Show

Feeling like I needed a break from my current Author Reporter studio project, I made a spontaneous visit to the RHS Urban Garden Show. It was amazing how many different people were there representing their botanical businesses as well as the speakers who were there giving lectures on nature in the city. My reasons for attending were mostly because of the opportunity it presented for me to draw plants but also because I thought it would be a great place to get further direction to resources about nature in the city which is what I plan to write my dissertation on and will be the focus of my FMP