Emily Sutton: Illustrative Simplicity

Local Universe, Sketchbook, Visual Research

Emily Sutton is an illustrator i’m familiar with having come across her work before at the V&A a few years ago, but after refreshing my mind on what her work is like, I realised I liked the way she records what she sees with simplicity and in a sense just appears to draw with her brush and watercolour.


Riso Round 2

Development, Local Universe, Projects, Visual Research

Developing My Riso Window Zine With Additions

After testing the riso printer for the first time, I felt as though I had a good idea as to what works and what doesn’t. Although after my tutorial

Risograph Experimentation and Zine Making

Development, Local Universe, Sketchbook, Visual Research

Testing the risograph for the first time before considering its use for my final outcome

Since my final brief is to create a souvenir based on my outlook of the Local Universe, part of this entails making a zine about this observation I have made in the local area about small nature.

Brie Harrison

Local Universe, Sketchbook, Visual Research

I first came across Brie Harrison‘s Illustrations when I went to The London Illustration Fair last year and bought her seasonal postcards. I was immediately drawn to her illustrations because she illustrates nature, which is a huge passion of mine, however her simplistic style of illustration reminded me a lot of how I have begun illustrating my nature (see below pages from my sketchbook).

Man Made Nature

Development, Local Universe, Projects, Sketchbook, Visits, Visual Research, Walks

Window Boxes as Small Nature Spaces

After my first attempt at trying to find new nature in the Local Universe, I reflected an realised I was once again looking at wild nature which is what I did for my previous edition project. I thought that maybe I should instead look at the opposite of wild nature, and observe nature that is tame. Controlled by man and used decoratively.