Museum Signage

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Visit to the Geffrye Museum

Our first exhibition visit was to the Geffrye Museum which we hoped would inform our design concept proposal. The one thing that struck me most about this visit was how well considered the signage was, which would be key in directing and curating a successful exhibition.


Curious Jars

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My focus on nature is usually centred around botany. However I seized the opportunity to observe a new type of nature for the sake of documenting a place or activity before starting the new studio project. Thus, I ventured to the Natural History Museum to find out about animals. As there is so much to see there, I chose to focus on the preserved zoology collection displayed at the Darwin Centre.

Plant Shopping

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Visiting the RHS Urban Garden Show

Feeling like I needed a break from my current Author Reporter studio project, I made a spontaneous visit to the RHS Urban Garden Show. It was amazing how many different people were there representing their botanical businesses as well as the speakers who were there giving lectures on nature in the city. My reasons for attending were mostly because of the opportunity it presented for me to draw plants but also because I thought it would be a great place to get further direction to resources about nature in the city which is what I plan to write my dissertation on and will be the focus of my FMP

Beyond Flowers

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Georgia O’Keeffe: The Insightful Exhibition

Until the end of October, Tate Modern is home to the wondrous world of Georgia O’Keeffe, whose work I’ve loved since my obsession with nature began whilst still at school. Very predictably, I knew of her as many did, by her abstract paintings of flowers that were often linked to sexual interpretations, so I was very surprised by the exhibition and the exploration that exceeded this.