Old Type

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Finding Vintage Typography on Location

As I began thinking about the experience I’m trying to communicate of the the second hand shop, it dawned on me to perhaps use the written experiences I made after my derives and maybe play with actually using the text itself rather than focusing on the objects in the direct way I have. Before even beginning to play with any kind of text, I decided to go on a typography hunt within the shop itself and to my surprise, I stumbled across a lot of old type. I was however drawn to the intriguing collection of 100 year old postcards on display in a box for sale.


Lost Histories

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Reflecting and Refining my Idea

Looking back at my lino prints, despite having come up with a concept of a continuous print that reflects the continuous view of objects within the second hand shop, I felt a disconnection between what I had printed and what the objectives of the brief are- to explore the relationship between location and experience. Thus I decided it appropriate to go back and do another derive at my chosen location.

Gosh! Comics

Shop Visits, Visits

Reading has always been a pastime I’ve found difficult to appreciate and enjoy. However ever since deciding to pursue my interest in illustration at university, I’ve noticed my collection of books growing immensely; books about artists, illustrators, sketchbooks, plants, critical essays and some classic novels. Although, being a slow reader means my focus on particularly long narratives isn’t a strength hence why I’ve recently ventured into the world of graphic novels. My trip to Gosh! was just where I needed to be to delve deeper into my newfound interest.