Lost Histories

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Reflecting and Refining my Idea

Looking back at my lino prints, despite having come up with a concept of a continuous print that reflects the continuous view of objects within the second hand shop, I felt a disconnection between what I had printed and what the objectives of the brief are- to explore the relationship between location and experience. Thus I decided it appropriate to go back and do another derive at my chosen location.


Type Spotting 

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Looking for Typography in the Surrounding Environment

Although drawing on location and recording the elements I’m drawn to was part of the two location drawing exercises at Brick Lane/Fournier Street and Liverpool Street Station the exercise also involved collecting examples of locally sourced letterforms and typography.

Being a Derivist

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Drifting Down Brick Lane

Last Tuesday was an introduction to the new studio brief that focuses on the role of the reporter and looks at the inter-relationship between location and experience. In order to to this, exploring geographical locations and recording experiential narrative is necessary as a starting point. Using Debord’s theory of the Derive, I drifted down Brick Lane and began documenting.

Indoor Nature

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Nature Drawing Session at the Barbican Conservatory

As today is a Sunday, and therefore the only day of the week the Barbican Conservatory is open, I decided to go along and practice my observational drawing as well as documenting the nature space as inspiration for my FMP.

London Walking

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Dissertation Studio Introduction

Last Wednesday was an introduction to my dissertation studio: London Walking. I’m excited about what I’m going to learn through writing my dissertation but mostly because this studio focuses on walking as a tool for investigation that can feed into artistic practice. I was drawn to this studio because of the level of observation that it involves which is how I enjoy illustrating the most. Through observation. I see it as my opportunity to investigate my obsession with nature and how that relates to my practice, even more so living in a city such as London

Natural Impulse

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Getting Over Creative Block at Kew 

Throughout the majority of my summer break, I found myself dealing with creative block, so I decided to encourage my creativity by going back to what I love most. Plants and the natural world.

The Shadows

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Searching For The Beautifully Mundane

Brief and Initial Thoughts

First reading this brief was basically my idea of a nightmare as I find photography a bit of challenge due to my lack of engagement with it but I decided to do my best and

Man Made Nature

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Window Boxes as Small Nature Spaces

After my first attempt at trying to find new nature in the Local Universe, I reflected an realised I was once again looking at wild nature which is what I did for my previous edition project. I thought that maybe I should instead look at the opposite of wild nature, and observe nature that is tame. Controlled by man and used decoratively.