Memory Film

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Turning my Research into a Piece of Moving Image

Having finished my boxset of mini-prints, I realised I had only really used material created by myself, thus didn’t include any of my initial research photography and film. I then thought about whether I could create a piece of film that is a montage of the visuals I collected that I could play out as if it were a manifestation of my memory of the second hand shop- almost drawing on the effect of the earlier tracing paper layered experiments.


Animated Shape

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Creating An Abstract Animation

Having experimented with the idea of compiling all my research and experimentation for my piece of moving image and deciding it wasn’t necessarily the most considered or well put together outcome, I decided to work towards a different outcome. An animated outcome

Moving Image

Author, Author: Reporter, Development, Projects, Visual Research

Working Towards a Moving Image Outcome

Moving image of any kind is my idea of a nightmare. Mostly because my creative ideas never stem into the realm of moving image or even dabbling in adobe premiere pro. Therefore I knew this part of the studio brief would be particularly challenging for me thus I vowed to keep it simple