Hybrid Typography

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The application of typography to or into image

Often, typography isn’t present in my work. Either that or it is an afterthought. Which it shouldn’t be. So I was excited to spend some time working with my current idea and typography before getting anywhere near the final outcome. I wanted to focus mostly on typography that reminded me of the industrial nature of the city that is Southampton so I selected extracts from both Spike Island by Phillip Hoare and Owen Hatherly’s New Ruins.


Mark Making

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Experimenting with Image Creation Through Mark Making

As mentioned in Making Metropolis, I did a lot of mark making prior to building cardboard structures to try and decide what aspect of Southampton I wanted to focus on in relation to the texts. However after making my structures, I felt it would perhaps be interesting to translate this previous technique as a way to draw from my created structures

Making Metropolis

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Creating a New Southampton

After experimenting with mark making, I felt as though my work had two completely different potential avenues. Nature or Architecture. I decided to revisit the texts and my notes to help me find my focus, especially because I need to remember to  and decided that based on the two texts (Spike Island by Philip Hoare and New Ruins by Owen Hatherly) I would like to explore abstract Southampton

Metaphorical Narrative

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Continuation of the Collage Workshop

After the first collage workshop where I collected images that were used directly to create new images, we were given the task within the studio to move on from this to create our own images using textures and paper types, focusing on the the use of shape. Based on a new sentence chosen from our selected Southampton texts, the overall aim of this second part of the workshop was to try and create metaphor and narrative based collages, not working with obvious imagery, but that which suggests what the sentence is communicating

Collate & Collage

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Using Collage to Quickly Generate Imagery

After reading through my selected three texts and making notes, I then used these to inform my visual creations in the first workshop of the year lead by Emily Evans. Collage is usually something I find difficult as drawing is a strength of mine, so to push myself out of my comfort zone into a technique I don’t feel I have any control over, because I don’t feel as successful at it, is somewhat challenging for me. However it is an effective way at generating large quantities of work in a short space of time which can be used to inform the next development process of my idea