Colourful Mockups

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Fleshing Out My Composition with Adobe Comp for iPad Pro

Having selected my idea, I scanned selected sketchbook spreads, picking pages that had a likeness in illustrations so that my posters would have some continuity and the narrative across the three would be evident. I then proceeded to mock up my ideas using Adobe Comp on my iPad Pro (see below), so that anything I design that I thought worked well in terms of composition, could be directly sent to InDesign, in order to be set properly with grids, layers, and kerning and tracking.


Printed Type

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Using Letterpress with My Text

Seeing that I had now directed my focus on using the collection of postcards as my point of development and inspiration, I thought to experiment with typography on the other end of the spectrum away from hand rendered type, using more structured type thus using the letterpress facilities was perfectly suited for that particular exploration.

Collate & Collage

Author, Author: Reporter, Development, Projects, Sketchbook, Visual Research

Using Collage to Quickly Generate Imagery

After reading through my selected three texts and making notes, I then used these to inform my visual creations in the first workshop of the year lead by Emily Evans. Collage is usually something I find difficult as drawing is a strength of mine, so to push myself out of my comfort zone into a technique I don’t feel I have any control over, because I don’t feel as successful at it, is somewhat challenging for me. However it is an effective way at generating large quantities of work in a short space of time which can be used to inform the next development process of my idea